Wisconsin Environmental Health Association


About the Wisconsin Environmental Health Association: Who we are and What we do.

Who We Are

The Wisconsin Environmental Health Association, Inc. (WEHA), a non-profit organization, is comprised of over 250 members. Members include professionals in the public, private and academic sector throughout the state. Even with the diverse professional background, all WEHA members share one common thread: to improve the health and well-being of Wisconsin residents by focusing on environmental and public health issues.  Read about our history.

WEHA is an organization that consists of volunteers who work together to help strengthen the field of environmental and public health. Members participate to share ideas, educate and learn about a variety of environmental and public health issues. Members also work to move the profession of environmental and public health forward by taking on challenging issues and creating solutions.  WEHA continues to make an effort to bring in all professionals who are interested and dedicated to the field of environmental and public health.  Becoming a member is easy and by participating you can become part of the organized network of professionals that is WEHA.  

Environmental and public health consists of a broad spectrum of professionals. Below is a list of areas of expertise that WEHA members have and contribute to the organization. 

  • Community Noise Control

  • Disaster/Emergency Preparedness

  • Drinking Water Protection

  • Epidemiology

  • Food Protection / Sanitation

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Institutional Health and Safety

  • Environmental / Public Health Legislation

  • Occupational Safety / Industrial Hygiene

  • Plan Review and Environmental Site Assessments

  • Public Health Education

  • Public Health Nursing

  • Radiation Safety

  • Recreational Health

  • Swimming Pools, Spas, Water Parks

  • Vector Control

  • Solid Waste Control

  • Underground Storage Tanks


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What We Do

The purpose of WEHA is to maintain and improve the standards of performance of professionals in Environmental Health by encouraging research, education and the dissemination of information.

As we strive to meet our purpose WEHA will:

  • Encourage the employment of qualified Environmental Health professionals.

  • Stimulate forums for dialogue and exchange of information.

  • Foster professional and ethical growth of members.

  • Actively participate in the legislative and political process to promote and advocate for Environmental Health.

  • Offer leadership opportunities to members.

  • Educate and recruit professionally trained individuals to the Environmental Health profession.

  • Promote professional certifications and provide continued educational opportunities.

  • Recognize outstanding achievement, service and contributions by members.

Environmental Health is the area of activity which deals with the protection of human health through the assessment, management, control and prevention of environmental factors which may adversely affect the health, comfort, safety and well-being of human populations. Read the Environmental Health Careers Brochure. (PDF)

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WEHA 2019 Budget
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Board of Directors

The President shall serve as the official representative of Wisconsin Environmental Health Association.  
Mitch Lohr, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

The President-Elect shall prepare for assuming the office of President, assist in confirming committee chair appointments, participate on the Education and Joint Educational Committees , and assist the President by attending Board meetings.
Carrie Pohjola, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

The Director is a voting member of the Board.
Michele Williams, Pierce County Health Department
Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health

District Vice-Presidents
WEHA shall consist of four Districts. Each of these Districts shall be governed by a District Vice-President. District Vice-Presidents attend Board meetings and maintain communication with the members of their respective district. 

Northeast Vice President
Trista Groth, City of De Pere

Northwest Vice President
Carol Drury, La Crosse County Health Department

Southeast Vice President
Lindy Wiedmeyer, City of Milwaukee Health Department

Southwest Vice President
Maddie Wojciuk, UW Madison

The Director-at-Large shall serve as parliamentarian for the Board of Directors.
Laura Temke, West Allis Health Department

The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Association.  
Brian Hobbs, Polk County Health Department

The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings.  
Sarah Ward, Waukesha County Public Health


Awards and Leadership
The Awards and Leadership Committee consist of two subgroups - Awards and Leadership.  The two subgroups shall consist of five members who have been recipients of the WEHA Environmental Health Sanitarian of the Year Award and Leadership Award. The committee assists in the nomination of a candidate for the WEHA Environmental Health Professional of the Year Award, WEHA Scholarships and the Leadership Award.  
Chair: Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health

Education and Conference
This committee consists of the President Elect and at least six members. The Chair of the committee is the President or designee.  The responsibility of this committee is to develop and sponsor educational seminars, conferences and other activities to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of all member environmental health professionals. In addition, other work may consist of promoting careers in environmental health.
Chair: Lindy Wiedmeyer, City of Milwaukee Health Department

This five member committee, chaired by a member appointed by the President, shall study existing and proposed legislation which affects environmental health professionals, or public health, and will recommend appropriate action by the Association.
Chair: Patty Lombardo, Polk County Health Department

This committee consists up to six members and chaired by the President Elect and have the role of conduct actions to market WEHA.  This includes publishing newsworthy events and information to the membership.  Along with promoting and recruiting for positions for the Board and/or committees.  
Chair: Carrie Pohjola, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

This committee shall consist of the four District Vice-Presidents and may include members of the Association. It is chaired by a District-Vice President selected by the President. This committee shall promote membership in the Association.
Chair: Carol Drury, La Crosse County Health Department