Wisconsin Environmental Health Association

Awards & Scholarships

Wisconsin Environmental Health Association:  Rewards and Scholarships.


WEHA Leadership Award - Receive a Stipend to Attend NEHA

Have you ever wanted to attend NEHA, but did not have the ability or resources? WEHA offers annually a stipend for one member to attend the NEHA Annual Educational Conference (AEC). This is an ideal opportunity for any environmental health professional to attend a national conference. As NEHA reports, the AEC is so much more than a conference. It is the nexus for environmental health training, education, networking, and advancement. It is the event environmental health professionals attend to acquire practical and real-world information and expertise.

WEHA Environmental Health Professional of the Year Award

The recipient of this award will personify our commitment to serve and protect the citizens of Wisconsin from the many health risks posed by the environment in which we live. The award highlights outstanding work and individual accomplishments in the field of environmental and public health. Peers, management or the community at large can nominate an individual.

WEHA Scholarships

For each of the past 30 years, the Wisconsin Environmental Health Association has given a scholarship to a student in the field of environmental health. WEHA believes one method to improve the field of environmental and public health is to invest in the future professionals. To strengthen the field of environmental and public health and to further expand the association’s support for education activities, an additional scholarship was created in 1999. WEHA feels very strongly about the scholarship program and has established an endowment fund in order to perpetuate it.

Currently, two scholarships are given out once a year at the Annual Educational Conference. 

The Wayne Kopp Memorial / WEHA Academic Scholarship - To promote professionals within Environmental Health, this scholarship is to offered to an individual enrolled in a degree-granting program. 

2017 Wayne Kopp Memorial
Alexis Palmer
WEHA Academic Scholarship ($1,500)

The Robert R. Nelson/WEHA Environmental Health Scholarship - Through efforts of environmental health practitioners within WEHA, in 1968 a BS in Environmental Health degree was created at UW-Eau Claire. In 1972, WEHA offered its first Environmental Health Scholarship to a student of the program. Since that time, WEHA has been offering a scholarship to a student enrolled in the Environmental Health program. The Robert R. Nelson Award / WEHA Environmental Health Scholarship was developed to recognize a full-time junior or senior student at the University of Eau Claire for outstanding academic achievement, dedication and commitment as a student in the field of environmental and public health. The student awarded this scholarship is selected by the faculty of the University of Eau Claire Environmental Health Program.

2017 Robert R. Nelson
Jacob Kentnich
Environmental Health Scholarship ($1,500)